Diane McLoughlin


Diane McLoughlin co-founded Bubba Strong Charitable Fund Inc. with her friend and neighbor Susan Jacobson. Diane's sons are friends of Gregory and wanted to help out in some way as their friend was battling cancer. The first event was a golf tournament and have expanded to include a bowling event.

George McLoughlin


George McLoughlin spearheaded the creation of the 501c3 charity organization. Through his diligent work, the Bubba Strong Charitable Fund Inc was created.

Susan Jacobson

Board Member

Bruce Jacobson

Board Member

Cheryl Piotti

Fundraising Coordinator

Brian Alfond

Board Member

Donna Shaw

Board Member

Marge Ducharme 

Board Member

Sydnie Dimond

Social Media and Website Coordinator

Our Team

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 The Bubba Strong Charitable Fund is a 501c3 charity established and organized to support families impacted by pediatric cancer. Please help us help others: TAX ID: 814217623

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