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The Bubba Strong Mission

The Bubba Strong Charitable Fund's mission is to help families that are currently facing and dealing with a child who has been diagnosed with a pediatric cancer. Through our fundraising The Bubba Strong Charitable Fund has made huge impact on our community. The Bubba Strong Charitable Fund is a 501c3 charity was established and organized to give back to the community after they rallied in support for Gregory Bubba Jacobson. 

Bubba Strong

"We wanted to give back"                       -Bruce and Susan, Bubba's Parents


Bubba's Parents: Susan and Bruce Jacobson 

Our Mission

Bubba Strong Accomplishments

  • 4 - $5,000 Grants

  • 4 - $1,000 Scholarships for King Philip Regional High School Students

  • Adopted 2 separate families at Christmas from the MGH Pediatric Oncology Unit 

  • 20 - $100 gift cards over the course of two years to MGH families to help cover incidental costs

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